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…then the English

Hmm..    this was supposed to be my next post on the history of Upper Canada, creating the setting for the War of 1812, but I haven’t written it.  And it feels like this recurring dream in which I am back in school sitting down to an exam for a class I forgot to attend.

I gave it a lot of thought but it was too big of a topic.  Then work became quite busy, and still is (for which I am very thankful).

How do I summarize the colonization of the area by the British?  Think of the Quebec Act of 1774. It was more of an attempt to keep French Canada happy despite the rumblings of the English colonies to the south. The territory was 3 times the size of the original French province and included what is now Ontario plus several states around the western great lakes.

Of course the Americans were impressed.   Actually, they had some rather grand ambitions of their own and wanted the territory for their own purposes. Eventually they got their wish and began to exploit it as only they know how, ticked off the inhabitants, creating a backlash and fear that played right into British hands in 1812.

Once the American Revolution was over, the British ceded all the lands south of the great lakes. Or rather, when they were forced to. Niagara and Detroit were decent forts and there was nothing to speak of across their respective rivers. But eventually the Americans settled and occupied these places, leaving the British with some work to do.

This included creating a more “British” community in the sparsely populated western part of Quebec.

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